Best Youtube Channel To Learn About HVAC

There are various YouTube HVAC channel available that provide free training on Various Topics of HVAC as listed below:-

  1. HVAC Basics & Fundamentals
  2. HVAC Design
  3. HVAC Drafting
  4. Costing & Estimation
  5. Installation, Site Practices & Troubleshooting
  6. Cleanroom , Hospital and Pharmaceutical Design
  7. Testing Commissioning & Validation
  8. Building Management System
  9. Green Building & Energy Efficiency
  10. HVAC Interview & Exam Preparation

Here as list of Best YouTube HVAC channel to learn HVAC with their content

1. SM Techno MEP

This is one of the best YouTube HVAC channel for freshers and beginners to Learn about HVAC & Other Building services also as Electrical, Plumbing, and Firefighting. This Channel is created by SM Ali and he is a Gulf experience of more than 8 Years. Following is the list of HVAC Topic Covered on the channel.

  • HVAC Basics and Fundamentals
  • Basics Psychometric
  • HVAC Systems like, DX System, Chilled Water System, Window AC, Package Unit, VRF etc.
  • Duct Design and Air Distribution System
  • Chilled Water System Design
  • AutoCAD and HVAC Drafting

Link to Visit YouTube Channel – Click Here

2. The Engineering Mindset  

This YouTube HVAC Channel is created in 2015 and is widely used for learning Various Topics of HVAC &R, Electrical. Following is the HVAC Content on YouTube Channel

  • Chiller and its types
  • Air handling Unit ( AHU) and its Components
  • CAV and VAV System
  • HAVC Controls
  • HVAC Equipment’s like Valve, Expansion Tank,
  • Heat Exchanger and Heat Recovery System Design

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3. Technical Concept

This YouTube HVAC channel is created by Arun Giri, This is one of the best YouTube channel to learn about HVAC Design in Cleanroom, Pharmaceutical, and Hospital

Following are the list of the topic which is available to learn about HVAC

  • Cleanroom Classification as Per USFDA & EEC
  • Air Flow Pattern in Cleanroom
  • ACPH requirement in different cleanroom class
  • Application of Cleanroom Classes
  • Filter Classification and its rating
  • Once through and recirculating system
  • Testing Commissioning and Validation Cleanroom
  • Qualifications like PQ, OQ, IQ
  • Classified and Unclassified Area in Cleanroom

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4. Tanweer Ahmed

This YouTube HVAC Channel Provide Learning videos on HVAC, Firefighting, Plumbing, Lift & Elevator, Electrical & BMS Systems.

Following is the list of HVAC Content on Channel

  • HVAC Piping, Ducting, Equipment’s Drawing Reading
  • Central Chilled Water System
  • Duct Designing & Air Distribution Systems
  • Basement and Car Parking Ventilation Systems
  • Chilled Water Piping Configuration Like Constant Primary Flow, Primary – Secondary Flow and Variable Primary System.

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5. Conserve Solution

Conserve Solution YouTube HVAC Channel Provides a Video for Green Building, Energy Efficiency, and IGBC, LEED GA, LEED AP ( BD+C) Exam Preparation. The following topics are available on this YouTube channel.

  • Green Building & Rating
  • Water Conservation
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Building Material Resources
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Site selection and Planning
  •  Innovation & Development
  • IGBC Project Certification Process
  • LEED GA Exam Preparation
  • LEED AP ( BD +C) Exam Preparation

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6. HVAC Notebook

HVAC YouTube HVAC Channel provides HVAC Tutorial in the Arabic language and it is also one of the best channels to learn about HVAC. It Includes below topics related to HVAC.

  • Hourly Analysis Program (HAP) Full Tutorial
  • HVAC Code and Standards
  • Hydronic  System Design
  • Air System Design
  • Static Pressure Calculation
  • HVAC Equipment’s Like Pump, Valves, Hookups, Expansion Tanks, Air Separator

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7. Tech Systems

This YouTube HVAC Channel Provide Video on Building Management systems (BMS) In HVAC, the Following content of the channel

  • Basics of BMS
  • Input Device Used in BMS
  • BMS Field Devices
  • BMS Architecture Diagram
  • DDC & PLC
  • CAV & VAC System BMS
  • Pumping System BMS
  • BMS Riser Diagram
  • BACnet
  • BMS Monitoring and Control
  • BMS Sequencing and Operation

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8. HVAC Simplified

This YouTube HVAC channel is created by Abdul Mujeeb Khan and it provides a below topic of HVAC

  • HVAC Equiepemts like AHU, Chiller, Compressor
  • Psychometric Calculation
  • Fan, Pumps, Valves
  • HVAC BOQ, Costing, and Estimation
  • Design Basis Report
  • HVAC Interview
  • HVAC Systems
  • Air Side and Water Side calculation

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9. HVAC Technology

This YouTube HVAC channel is created by Muhammad Abaidullab and provided various Practical and actual site videos on HVAC Installation, Site Practices & Troubleshooting, following topics it includes on its channel.

  • AHU, Chiller, Pump , Cooling Tower, at Actual Site Video
  • Chilled Water System
  • Water Site Equipment’s
  • Water Site Equipment’s
  • Building Management System  

Link to Visit YouTube Channel – Click Here

10.The World of Building Design

This YouTube HVAC channel Provides a learning video on HVAC, Revit MEP Modeling, Fire Protection, It Includes the following topic of HVAC.

  • Carrier Hourly Analysis Program ( HAP) Full Tutorial
  • Psychometric Calculations
  • Hydronic System Design
  • Heat Recovery System Design
  • Geothermal ERV and Integration
  • Static Pressure Calculation
  • Building Exhaust System Design
  • Cooling Load Calculation

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