mcquay duct sizer

Mcquay Duct Sizer is used for Duct Sizing in HVAC Industry

McQuay duct sizer
Mcquay duct sizer

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Duct designing with duct sizer software:

Duct Design Example

Step 1: Select the unit as I.P

Step 2: select 750F air at 50% RH and 1atm

Step 3: Flow rate = 5000 CFM

             Friction rate= = 0.08” wg/100’

Step 4: Take your data as required

Duct Sizing A-B

Q=5000CFM f= 0.08” wg/100’

Vmax form table = 2000 FPM

From software

Duct Sizer

V= 1288.8 FPM < 2000 Then Accepted

Duct A-B = 14’’ x 46’’

Duct Size B-C

Q=4000CFM f= 0.08” wg/100’

B-C = 14’’ x 38’’

Duct Size C-D

Q=3000CFM f= 0.08” wg/100’

C-D = 14” x 30’’

Duct Size D-E

Q=2000CFM f= 0.08” wg/100’

D-E = 14’’ x 22’’

Duct Size E -F

Q=1000CFM f= 0.08” wg/100’

E-F = 14’’ x 14’

 (Duct always manufactured with an even scale so 13’’ is taken to 14’’)

Duct Size F-G

Q=500CFM f= 0.08” wg/100’

F-G = 10’’ x 10’’

(When width is less than height in duct sizer, reduce the height so that width will increase to maintain A.R)

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