Job Opportunities in HVAC Industry? Role and Responsibilities

There are various job opportunities available in HVAC Industry as listed below:-

  • Design Engineer
  • Estimation Engineer
  • Drafting Engineer
  • Sales and Marketing Engineer
  • Procurement and Purchasing Engineer
  • Planning Engineer
  • Project Engineer and Site Engineer
  • Testing and Commissioning Engineer
  • Installation and Maintenance Engineer

Role and Responsibilities and Basic Requirement for apply

1) Design Engineers

 Roles & and Responsibilities

  • Doing Site Survey, Heat Load Calculation, Equipment Selection
  • Design various HVAC Systems as per client’s requirement.
  • Drawing preparation ( Shop drawing, As build Drawing, Tag Drawing, Plant Room, RCP)
  • P&ID, Air Flow Diagram Preparation.
  • Finalizing ducting and piping layout.
  • Preparing Technical Submittal.
  • To give approval on duct tag drawing, AHU and Fan GA drawing and sign off material purchase order before ordering.
  • Follow up with client, architect, consultant and other service agencies.
  • Water side and Air Side Calculation.
  • Measurement sheet preparation for material procurement as per approved shop drawing.
  • Detail Engineering of each equipment before purchasing.
  • Bill annexure preparation.
  • Preparation of the handling over documents.
  • Attending site meetings.
  • Analyze technical data and specifications to determine the equipment needed for projects

      Basic Requirement-

  • Strong knowledge of Engineering Subjects
  • AutoCAD and various software’s related to HVAC
  • System and Components  Knowledge
  • Read and Interpret drawing

2) Estimation Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities-

  • Estimates the cost of a project and play a vital role in any organizations Profit.
  • Tendering, Costing, Technical Data Sheet Preparation, Vender Negotiations, Price Revisions.
  • Quantity Take Off & Arriving at BOQ in case of Design Build Project
  • Pricing and costing of Design Build, only Build and Lump Sum Project
  • Comparison of Various Quotation, BOQ Items and Cost
  • Calculates project management related to water, electricity, and manpower deployment. etc.
  • BOQ and Tender Specification Understanding
  • Costing and Estimation of each BOQ line item.
  • Negotiating with venders to get the final and best discounted prices for a project.
  • Arriving at project management cost includes Project expenses.
  • Take Quotation from venders.

 Basic Requirement-

  • Microsoft Excel
  • AutoCAD
  • Basic System and Components  Knowledge
  • Read and Interpret drawing

 Benefits of working in the Estimation Department

  • Interaction with venders or Suppliers.
  • Improve good inter-personal skills. Venders are the right people where estimation engineers can maintain good relationship and can learn more from them about their products which we come across in BOQ.
  • Venders will be happy to give us presentation about their products and show some pictures from site which they would have installed.
  • They will tell about the new tenders which are out in the market, which we can updates to our management.
  • Good relationship brings you good name in the market. You initially start interacting with venders and people will start recognizing you.

3) Project Engineer/ Site Engineers

  • HVAC Project Engineers commonly plan new projects for their clients. This means creating a step by step sequences of all the tasks needed to accomplish a project.

  Roles & and Responsibilities

  • Planning the work to be done for the day and addressing it to the contractors.
  • Get approved HVAC shop drawings, MEP Coordination drawings, Work method statement and Project Specification from Project Engineer.
  • Rechecking the drawing as per site condition and inform this to design team.
  • Maintain Record of materials received and used. The materials required in the coming days for work, and following with the purchase team.
  • Ensure the HVAC ducts, fittings accessories and Chilled water piping are available and approved by inspection department prior to installation.
  • Ensure sufficient hand tools, power tools, ladder and scaffolding are available for installation.
  • Coordinate with other discipline and ensure site clearance is available to start the HVAC activities.
  • Arrange the sufficient manpower such as supervisor, foreman, duct fitter, pipe fitter, Assistant duct and pipe fitter etc. and ensure all of them attended safety orientation and having proper PPE,s prior start installation activates at site.
  • Prior to start HVAC activates notify to QC Person for surveillance to ensure the quality work
  • Carry out all planned site inspection as per the intervention points marked in the relevant drawing and standard.
  • Preparing the relevant documents to conduct testing inspection such as Duct light testing for Ducts and Hydro test for above ground and Underground chilled water piping’s systems.
  • Assist the project engineer during preparation of final test reports, as built drawings, operation & Maintenance manual and handling over the project to client.
  • To look after weather installation is done as per drawing or not, if any deviation are there then inform the same immediately to design team.
  • After installation is completed do testing and commission in order to check system is performing or not.
  • Active involvement in weekly meetings with the Project management & QC Supervisor and manger to resolve the site related issues.
  • Provide approved HVAC Shop drawing, MEP Co-ordination drawing to site supervisor or Foreman and inform them to shift the required ducting and piping approved material from warehouse to site and arrange required material to avoid progress delay.
  • Check all the activities are carried out in accordance with the company’s safety policies and procedures; ensure that appropriate safety and protective equipment is used by Company & contractor staff.
  • Closely monitor site activities to ensure quality of work is in compliance with approved shop drawing and specification and get daily progress report from the site supervisor or foreman and update to project Manager.
  • You are going to be the medium between the client and the company so maintain proper relationship with clients.

     Basic Requirement-

  • Project Management Skills
  • Co-Ordination Skills
  • Site Related Problem Solving ability
  • System and Components knowledge.

4) Procurement and Purchasing Engineer

  Roles & and Responsibilities

  • Analyze all suppliers in order to select the most suitable suppliers who are able to deliver high quality products at competitive pricing.
  • Negotiate with suppliers on lead-time, cost and quality so as to obtain the maximum benefit for the company.
  • Evaluate equipment suppliers and negotiate purchasing agreements for equipment
  • Manage suppliers to meet objectives related to cost, delivery performance, schedule and quality.
  • Develop, implement and drive the procurement strategies in order to meet cost savings targets.
  • Ensure that purchases comply with commercial, legal and contractual obligations
  • Coordinate with vendor on continuous quality improvement.
  • Evaluate suppliers based on products, services, and prices
  • Negotiate contracts/agreements for purchasing of materials
  • Select suppliers; administer contracts throughout the project
  • Assess supplier performance re: quality, cost, delivery, service

     Basic Requirement-

  • Communication Skills
  • Negotion Skills
  • Comparative Analysis
  • System and Components knowledge.

5) Sales and Marketing Engineer

Roles & and Responsibilities

  • Develop proposals for presentation to customers
  • Ability to maintain with relationships with local general contractors
  • Competitive intelligence – Market Research Studies, Benchmarking of competitors Product Range.
  • Providing innovative solutions to clients in terms of specifications incorporating company’s products.
  • To insist on specification packages to developers, consultants, designers & customers so as to ensure that company’s products are incorporated in designing stage.
  •  Evaluate and suggest product and service solutions in line with client need and requirements.
  •  Assigned work into members to make sure about delivery to design time quality and budget.
  • Provide technical expertise to the Contractors, Civil Engineers & Architects on Building Envelope System & solutions through product training, facilitating presentations & meetings.
  •  Identifying business opportunities and developing new customers through Networking, referrals, researching and analyzing sales options.
  • Sells products by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects; recommending solutions.
  •  Handling Technical and Commercial queries of Consultants, Customers, and Contractors.
  •  Analyze & review the market response/requirements,
  •  Identifies product improvements or new products by remaining current on industry trends, market activities and competitors and communicating the same to sales team.
  •  Managing the distribution channel network and coordinate with the dealers to provide backend support and supply of materials.
  • Maintains relationships with clients by providing support, information, and guidance; researching and recommending new opportunities.
  •  Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information.

     Basic Requirement-

  • Communication Skills
  • Negotion Skills
  • Comparative Analysis
  • System and Components knowledge.
  • Market Research

6) Testing and Commissioning Engineer

  Roles & and Responsibilities

  • Plan the commissioning tasks ensuring all commissioning requirements are captured in the Completions System
  • Manage smooth commissioning of the project by Coordinating between the company and the Contractor.
  • Supervise and approve commissioning plans in accordance with project guidelines.
  • Review designs and supervise onsite commissioning activities.
  • Prepare and maintain commission records of site observations, testing processes and checklists.
  • Monitor installation, submittals and usage of engineering tools adhering to project and commissioning guidelines.
  • Evaluate contractual commissioning statistics and instruction guidelines in accordance with the needs of the project.
  • Provide input into the commissioning schedule ensuring the works are completed in accordance with the schedule
  • Ensure the Commissioning scope pre-commissioning checks and documentation are carried out, meeting Manufacturer, Class and client requirements
  • Preparation, verification and validation of commissioning procedures

     Basic Requirement-

  • Background in HVAC installation, pre-commissioning & commissioning.
  • Proven ability in troubleshooting mechanical and/or electrical components
  • Knowledge of Project Completion standards, specifications, codes, and appropriate safety criteria.
  • Understanding of work planning, scheduling and tracking
  • Basic Knowledge of Completion Management System


  • Do not be in a myth that only Design and Projects have a future in HVAC or any other sectors. In HVAC there are various departments where we can start our career
  • Lots of Opportunities are available and we just need to focus in the right way.
  • Any one among the all us can pursue our career.
  • Better prospects of promotion
  • Learning is a Continuous Process, We keep learning every day.

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